Particle and Flames in Radiative and Magnetic Flows

October 11-15, 2010
Lyon, France

Scientific program

The program can be downloaded here.

Monday, October 11

8h00- 9h00Registration
9h00-9h05Rolf Walder, SOCOpening
9h05-9h15Ralph Everaers, CECAM, CBPWelcome Address
Session 1: Magneto-radiation-hydrodynamical simulations I; Chair: Gilles Chabrier
9h15-9h55Richard Klein, BerkeleyFeedback Effects on the Formation of High Mass and Low Mass Stars
9h55-10h35Patrick Hennebelle, ENS-ParisCollapse of magnetized dense cores
11h05-11h35Benoit Commercon, MPA HeidelbergRadiation-Magneto-Hydrodynamics for star formation calculations
11h35-12h05Kengo Tomida, National Astronomical Observatory of JapanFormation, Evolution and Observability of low-mass First cores
12h05-12h35Matthias Gonzalez, Universite Paris Diderot & CEARadiation-hydrodynamics effects in stellar jets-ISM interaction
12h35-12h50Astrid Lamberts, LAOG, FranceHydrodynamics of colliding wind binaries
Lunch break
14h20-14h50Geoffroy Lesur, DAMTP, CambridgeVortices in accretion discs: formation process and dynamical evolution
Session 2: Turbulence; Chair: Alexei Khokhlov
14h50-15h20Sebastien Fromang, CEA SaclayHigh resolution local simulations of MHD turbulence induced by the magnetorotational instability
15h20-16h00Alexei Kritsuk, UC San DiegoNew Insights from MHD Simulation of Interstellar Turbulence
16h30-17h00Christoph Federrath, Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, Heidelberg, Germany & CRAL, Lyon, FranceModeling interstellar turbulence and star formation
17h00-17h30Doris Folini, ENS-Lyon, IACETH, ETH-ZurichSupersonic turbulence in shock bound slabs
17h30-18h10Wolfram Schmidt, U. GoettingenComputation of the Turbulent Pressure in Astrophysical Fluids Dynamics
CECAM-Apero at Ninkasi

Tuesday, October 12

Session 3: Flames; Chair: Ewald Mueller
9h15-9h55Alexei Khokhlov, ChicagoInterplay of chemistry and fluid dynamics in detonation waves
9h55-10h35Fritz Roepke, MPA GarchingMulti-dimensional simulations of thermonuclear explosions in different Type Ia supernova scenarios
11h05-11h35Inma Dominguez, GranadaMulti-dimensional instability, propagation, and decay of carbon-oxygen detonations with complete and partial energy release in Type Ia supernovae
11h35-12h15Heiko Schmidt, BTU CottbusHeterogeneous multiscale concepts in combustion and beyond
Lunch break
Session 4: Stellar and Planetary Structure and Evolution; Chair: Isabelle Baraffe
14h00-14h40Ewald Mueller, MPA GarchingSimulating the explosion of massive stars: computational challenges and recent results
14h40-15h10Ken Chen, U. of MinnesotaMulti-D simulations of pair-instability supernovae
15h10-15h50Casey Meakin, U. of Arizona, Tucson3D Stellar Evolution
16h20-17h00Maxime Viallet, ENS-LyonTime implicit computation of multi-dimensional stellar structures: difficulties and perspectives
17h00-17h40Adam Showman, U. Arizona, TucsonAtmospheric circulation of hot Jupiters

Wednesday, October 13

Session 5: High-performance Computing & Parallelism; Chair: Romain Teyssier
9h00-9h40Jean-Yves L'Excellent, ENS-LyonParallel sparse direct methods and the MUMPS package
9h40-10h20Eric de Sturler, Virginia TechAdaptive Multilevel Preconditioners for Dynamic Meshes
10h20-10h50Glib Ivashkevych, Kharkiv InstitutePython library for simulations of ensemble of particles on GPU
11h20-12h00Robert Falgout, LLNLScalable Multigrid Methods
12h00-12h40Peter Messmer, X-Tech Corporation, BoulderPlasma Simulations on Emerging Hardware Architectures
Lunch break
Free afternoon: visit of Lyon (15.30 guided tour)
19h30Conference Dinner at Brasserie Georges (19.30)

Thursday, October 14

Session 6: Particles; Chair: TBD
9h00-9h40Andrei Bykov, Joffe St. PetersburgProcesses in magnetized plasma flows with energetic particle acceleration
9h40-10h20Ken Nishikawa, UAH/CSPAR, HuntsvilleSimulation of relativistic shocks and associated radiation from turbulent magnetic fields
10h20-10h50Alexandre Marcowith, LPTA MontpellierMulti-scale coupled fluid-kinetic simulations
11h20-12h00Jerome Petri, StrasbourgPulsars and their electromagnetic surrounding: an approach by PIC simulations
12h00-12h40Eric SonnendrueckerA 3D parallel PIC code for the simulation of charged particules
Lunch break
Session 7: Multi-scale Flows; Chair: Rolf Walder
14h15-14h55Assyr Abdulle, EPFL LausanneExplicit methods for deterministic and stochastic differential equations with multiple scales
14h55-15h35Manuel Torrilhon, ETH ZurichCoarse-Graining in Kinetic Gas Theory: Non-Equilibrium Fluid Flow Models
16h05-16h45Keh-Ming Shyue, NTW TaipehFront Tracking Methods for Compressible multiphase Flow
16h45-17h25Jean Favre, CSCS MannoVisualization support with VisIt

Friday, October 15

Session 8: Radiative Transfer; Chair: Peter Hoeflich
9h00-9h40Peter Hauschildt, Hamburg3D radiative transfer
9h40-10h10Rolf Kuiper, Argelander Institute for AstronomyRay-tracing + Flux-Limited-Diffusion: A hybrid method for fast and accurate frequency-dependent radiation transport in MHD simulations
10h10-10h40Gabriel Altay, Durham University, UKRadiative Transfer Ray Tracing, Forwards and Backwards
11h10-11h40Neal Vaytet CEA SaclayA numerical model for 3D multigroup radiation hydrodynamics
Session 9: Magneto-radiation-hydrodynamical simulations II; Chair: Richard Klein
11h40-12h20Hubert Klahr, MPA HeidelbergRadiation Hydro in Accretion Disks: from Radiation Magneto Hydro Dynamics to Baroclinic Instability
Lunch break
14h00-14h30Luc Dessart, LAM MarseilleNon-LTE time-dependent radiative transfer simulations of supernovae II-Plateau, II-peculiar, Ib, and Ic
14h30-15h00Paul Sutter U. Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignSubgrid models of active galactic nuclei in clusters of galaxies
15h00-15h40Romain Teyssier, U. Zurich/CEA SaclayGalaxy formation: towards resolving interstellar turbulence
Closing Remarks
End of Workshop